Guerin Catholic Track & Field

Absence/Late Arrival Notification Form
With so many clubs and fine arts groups, it is hard to keep track of who is coming late and when.  Use this form to let the coaches know when and why you might miss practice or arrive late.  Filling out this form serves only as notification to the coaching staff and does not automatically mean that your reason for missing is "approved".

You can fill this out at the beginning of each week or at least 24 hours prior to the practice affected.  If something comes up that day (like making up a test, seeing a teacher, etc), come talk to Coach Gallagher in person so he can make a note on the attendance sheet...don't send someone else.  Failure to notify us will count as one of your unexcused absences and possibly jeopardize you running in the next meet or remaining on the team.

1st Unexcused - Warning
2nd Unexcused - Sit out a meet
3rd Unexcused - Departure from the team
Coaches Discretion will be determined on individual circumstances​​​​​

Cross Country Absence/Late Arrival Form Link (click here)
​​​Track Absence/Late Arrival Form Link (click here)
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